Standing Up

  • Mar 7, 2018

What’s the worst thing to have in your booth at a tradeshow? CHAIRS! 


Chairs should be used only for a conference area—an area separate from the rest of the booth space, an area well designated for conference only. Otherwise, get rid of the chairs.


A very typical show is set up with 10’ booth spaces. With these spaces, you get a table, sign, trash can, and two chairs. The table is set up front along the aisle with the chairs behind the table. This is the worst way to exhibit! Keep in mind, the table and chairs and not glued in place. You are free to move the table to the back or either side. Then get rid of the chairs. They will only tempt you to sit during the show. Give them to a neighbor, or ask the show manager to remove them, or move them yourself to a lounge area on the show floor. Just get rid of them.



Sitting is too passive. A tradeshow environment is the last place you want to be passive at.


During the show, you want to engage with the attendees. The best way to do that is to stand and be attentive. This alone will make your presence more inviting. With the table to the side or back, your 10’ booth space is now a place where attendees are able to come into your booth, stay a while and engage in conversation.


Will your feet get tired? Sure. This is why it is best to have 2 or 3 people staffing a 10’ booth space. It allows one to take a break at the show lounge area, while the others staff the booth, or even walk the show floor.



Wear comfortable shoes and stand up and have a great show!